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GRUNDFOS CM3-3PT Water Pump | Best Price


Grundfos CM3-3PT Water Pump (0.4hp) Series 3-3 c/w 8liter pressure tank and pressure switch for automatic start/stop to provide and deliver instant water supply with uninterrupted pressure for your daily needs. ⭐

The pneumatic tank in Grundfos CM3-3PT booster pump ensures smooth flow of water from your water faucets. It automatically dispenses up to half of it’s capacity without the pump switching on, resulting in lesser wear and tear.⭐

Furthermore, it also saves energy and eliminates pulsation and water hammering.

This model is Suitable for those house having piping leaking issues, public toilet, restaurant, hotels and those heavy duty usage.

**Replacing Older model version CH2-30PT
*recommended outlets subject to size and specification of water fittings

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Grundfos CM3 3PT Water Booster Pump TECHNICAL DATA :

Power: 500 Watt
Discharge Pressure/ Output (psi/lpm): 18/72 – 20/70 – 29/50 – 36/27
Tank Size: 8 Litre
Pre-set Operating Pressure: 18 – 38 psi
Port Size (BSP): 1″ inlet/outlet
Dimension: 310(L) x 600(H) x 270(W) mm*

Grundfos CM3-3PT


Firstly,  to gives (1) Long product life-span, majority of Grundfos Water pump components are using corrosion and wear resistant stainless steel.

Secondly, Grundfos Pump is famous with (2) Quiet operation – For a comfortable environment, Grundfos design both the pump and the motor  to run quietly and less vibration.

Thirdly, Grundfos factory assemble and test the PUMP before delivery to gives (3) Quality Assurance to the buyer.

Fourthly, the pump is come with  (4) Dry running protection that will cut off the pump if no water supply in the tank.

Lastly, Grundfos CM3-3PT is also certified by SIRIM with 2 years warranty (Extra 6 months for Online Registration) and designed for easy installation.


Grundfos Water Pump Malaysia

Energy savings, unforgettable shower experiences and strong, constant water pressure for your daily needs around the house.

Besides, the CM-PT series pressure booster system with pneumatic tank gives you a host of extraordinary benefits.

The pneumatic tank smoothest flow from faucets, reduces the number of start/stops, eliminates pulsations and water hammer. In addition, another advantages of pneumatic tank is that they can dispense up to half of their capacity of water without the pump switching on, resulting in less wear and tear and greater energy savings.

Therefore, with superior Danish technology, sterling quality and the fact that only Grundfos pumps are SIRIM certified, you are assured total peace of mind and satisfaction when you choose Grundfos.

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1. Grundfos will grant a 2 year warranty on the product against manufacturing defects commencing from the date of purchase. So, if the date of purchase is more than 60 days from the date of delivery; then it is necessary to attach a photostat copy of your purchase receipt to this warranty card.

2. The warranty is valid only when the purchase date is confirmed by the dealer’s seal on the warranty card. It must sent to the Grundfos office within 7 days from the purchase date.

3. However, within the warranty period, Grundfos shall carry out the repair or replacing of parts at Grundfos’ option, ex-factory or ex-authorized Grundfos Service Centre.

4. Grundfos will not be liable for any costs of removal, installation, transportation, or any charges which arise in connection with this warranty claim.


5. Grundfos will not be liable for any replacement of parts caused by normal wear & tear, damage caused by dry running, cavitation, unsuitable operating condition, unfavorable electric supply, mishandling, flooding, lightning, unauthorized alteration or repair, misapplication and product which is installed not in accordance to Grundfos printed installation and operating instructions. So, please follow the installation guide lines.

6. To obtain a warranty claim, the defective product must be return to the Grundfos Service Center together with the prepaid freight, so the including the warranty card/receipt supporting the claim because Failure to present warranty card / receipt shall render the warranty claim invalid.

NOTE: The Warranty Card (Customer Copy) and original purchase document(s) must be produced for inspection when warranty service is requested because any alteration or amendment to this certificate will render the warranty void. This warranty card is irreplaceable in the event of loss. The decision of Grundfos in relation to any claims or dispute over the warranty is final.

*Grundfos will not giving the Warranty if above conditions are not meet with completely.

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