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Grundfos Scala2 is the cheapest inverter water pump in for ✅ Grundfos Malaysia. This model is suitable for houses with 2 to 3 bathrooms that who are concern on burst of old piping ⭐ because it come with variable speed setting that can control the pressure at 2.5 bar (comfort pressure, so it will not stress the old piping easily.

The Grundfos SCALA2 is a fully integrated water booster pump delivering ✅perfect water pressure to all taps. ✅ It features pump, motor, tank, sensor, drive and non-return valve in one compact unit that installs quickly and easily. ⭐With its intelligent pump control, SCALA2 adjusts performance to any demand – and with its water-cooled motor, it offers one of the lowest noise levels in its class. The result is maximum comfort with minimum effort.

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Best Grundfos SCALA2 Water Booster Pump Prices in Malaysia

Grundfos Scala2 3-45 is a self priming water pump, suitable to install after a water tank in the house. No matter ur water tank is on the ground level or roof top. Pumping water from top to bottom or from bottom to top floors, this is the most suitable model.

  1. The model come with inverter, it gives variable speed feature which u can adjust the pressure of the pump
  2. Constant pressure, which you will not feel the pressure up and down
  3. Protect piping from over pressure, which you can set the pressure at a comfort and safe pressure. Pressure is adjustable, from 2 to 3.5 bars
  4. Dry run protection – auto turn off the pump when there is no water supply from the tank.

This model of suitable for house with 1 to 4 bathrooms, if you are looking for the silent, piping protected pump, comfort and safe pressure pump. This is the right model for you.

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Grundfos Water Pump


Perfect water pressure – finally compact and easy to install

SCALA2 is a fully integrated water booster pump providing perfect water pressure in all taps at all times – even with multiple taps and showers running at the same time. It packs pump, motor, tank, sensor, drive and non-return valve into one compact unit. And with its intelligent pump control, SCALA2 automatically adjusts performance to both inlet pressure and water consumption in the home. Thanks to a water-cooled motor, SCALA2 even offers one of the lowest noise levels of any booster on the market.

What is intelligent pump control?

SCALA2 features a built-in sensor, which constantly measures the discharge pressure. If the pressure drops below the desired level, SCALA2 boosts its operation immediately to compensate for the loss of pressure. We call it intelligent pump control and the result is perfect water pressure.

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  • Perfect water pressure: Intelligent pump control adjusts operation automatically
  • Low noise:As quiet as a modern dishwasher (47 dB(A) in typical use)
  • Easy selection: One variant for all domestic boosting needs
  • Compact, all-in-one solution, plug-and-pump , Easy installation:
  • Easy to operate: User-friendly control panel
  • Reliable operation: Dry-running protection, anti-cycling
  • Long lifetime: Quality-tested to perfection, maintenance-free


SCALA2 is the perfect choice for residential buildings with up to 3 floors and 8 taps.

  • Boosting from mains: Increases the water pressure delivered by city mains
  • Boost from tanks: Increases water pressure from roof tanks, break tanks and ground tanks, including rainwater tanks.
  • Push from wells: Pumps water from a depth of 8 metres

Suitable for both Indoor and outdoor installation.

General description

Grundfos SCALA2 is a fully integrated, self-priming, compact all-in-one water pump for pressure boosting in domestic applications.

In addition, Grundfos SCALA2 incorporates integrated speed control enabling perfect water pressure at the taps, meaning that the pump performance will increase with increasing demand.

SCALA2 can be installed in three easy steps:

  • Connect the pipes.
  • Prime the pump.
  • Plug the pump into the power outlet and the pump will start.

Grundfos SCALA2 has all the components necessary to ensure a comfortable pressure:

  • Intelligent controller
  • Speed-controlled drive
  • Tank
  • Sensors
  • Non-return valve


  • Adjustable constant pressure
  • Low noise , < 47 dB(A) (in typical use)
  • Compact
  • Robust and reliable
  • Easy installation and self-priming
  • Dry-running protection


Grundfos SCALA2 is designed for pressure boosting in one-family houses and apartments.

We recommend SCALA2 for the following applications :

  • City mains water
  • Water from roof tank
  • Water from break tank
  • Pressure boosting of water from ground tank
  • Water supply from shallow wells (<26 1/4 ft /8m)


SCALA2 is suitable for houses with up to three floors and eight tapping points.

Accurate sizing of the pump can be based on the pump curve below and local norms and standards .

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