Grundfos 1HP Water Booster Pump for Home

Grundfos 1HP Water Pump for House


Grundfos 1Hp Water Pump can support 3 to 4 bathrooms at the for rain shower or hand shower.  There are 3 type of Grundfos 1HP Pump models Grundfos CMB5-37PM1, Grundfos CMB5-37PT (Grundfos CMBE3-62. Grundfos CMB 5-37PM1 and Grundfos CMB 5-37PT is normal pump using pressure controller or pressure tank to kick start the pump, the maximum pressure at 4 bars with 5000 liters per hour of volume of water supply.

Grundfos CMBE 3-62 is inverter model, it come with variable speed feature which you can adjust the pressure up and down and giving constant pressure to all the bathrooms.


Grundfos 1HP Pump Price


Grundfos 0.5HP Water Pump (CMB3-37PM1)
Grundfos CMB5-46PM1 Water Pump
Grundfos 0.5HP Water Booster Pump
Grundfos CMB5-46PT Water Pump
Grundfos 1HP Water Pump
Grundfos CMBE 3-62 Variable Speed Water Booster Pump










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